Everything You Need To Know About Swing Lifestyle

From the very moment that people started having sex for fun, there have been those who have stepped outside the traditional relationship. What works for one person, or one couple, simply doesn’t work for another. We all have things that we find to be erotic and sexually stimulating. And sometimes, getting those thrills means taking a very different path to sexual discovery. It used to be that those alternative sexual lifestyles were secretly hidden away. But we are now in a time where sexual freedom is now an inalienable right. There is no more need to hide your desires, as all sorts of different relationships are now socially acceptable.

SLS swinglifestyle has been around for years. But it was a practice that people, other than those involved in it, knew very little about. We all know the Hollywood swinger stereotype, with parties featuring couples dropping their keys into a bowl. And then playing a game of chance to see who they would hook-up with that night. Is that how it really works, though, or is swinging something different than the idea we have of it?

What is the swing lifestyle all about?

They say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to sex, swinging offers up all the variety you could ever hope for. What may come as a surprise to many of you is that there are very definite rules in place. It is up to each individual couple to dictate what works for them. And you may find that no two sets of rules are exactly alike. Perhaps the first thing you should know is that swinging is a term that is becoming a little outdated, with many people involves simply now referring to it as “The Lifestyle.”

While the lifestyle is all about exploring new sexual experiences with different partners, it’s not just about hopping into bed with another willing couple. Swingers will very often meet up and get to know one another a little better before they make the switch. There are circumstances where friendships are formed, but the actual act of swapping partners never takes place. People involved in the lifestyle will tell you there needs to be an emotional connection as much as a physical one.

When it comes to the physical act, there are two different types. A “soft swap” is where many forms of intimacy are explored, but where no penetration takes place. Many couples looking to get into the lifestyle go this route first, as it’s a good way to find out if you are as open to the lifestyle as you believe. If all goes well. The “hard swap” is the next logical step. This is where full sexual intercourse is introduced into the equation.

Who are the swingers?

If you do decide that you want to be a part of the lifestyle, you are probably going to be surprised at the variety of different people you will meet. SLS dating is not just for young couples. You are going to find that there are plenty of mature couples who love the lifestyle, too. This is also not about couples who are unhappy together either. The vast majority of couples in the lifestyle are in fact very happy together, they are simply looking to broaden their sexual horizons. They view the sharing of partners as a way to increase the levels of intimacy in their own relationship, while improving their sex life in the process.

Why more and more people are becoming swingers?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a bit of a sexual revolution going on, as formerly taboo sexual subjects are now open for discussion and exploration. The reasons why a couple chooses to get into the lifestyle will vary for each of the. But there are some very common motivations. One of the most obvious is that a couple are looking to add a little more spice into their relationship. This often happens when you have a couple with a very strong sexual libido that is not being fully satisfied by sex together.

There are also couples who want to explore swinging. Some of them have fallen into a sexual funk that they cannot seem to get out of. No matter how much you love someone, it can become a little boring to have sex with the same person over and over again. For these couples, the taboo nature of the lifestyle can be incredibly appealing, as it can add a new level of excitement into a tired relationship. For others, it’s simply all about the rush and sense of excitement that comes with doing something different than most of us are used to.

How do you get into the swing lifestyle?

Getting into the lifestyle all begins with you and your partner having a serious discussion about swinging. This is often the most difficult aspect of the process, as there is always the possibility that your partner will be less than pleased at you broaching the subject. If you are both on board, though, you need to come up with your own set of rules. It may be that the soft swing is the only option on the table, or that both of you need to approve of the other person(s) involved in the swing. Set the rules first before taking the next step.

The Internet has really proven to be a great help for couples looking to get into the lifestyle. You should not have any problem locating a swinger’s club in your area. Especially if you live in or around a large city. There are also forums where you can go in and talk to others about what the SLS swing is really like. We suggest that you and your partner visit a club, which is very often BYOB (bring your own bottle) to get an idea of what goes on there. You will never feel pressure to do anything you want. And you might find that it takes several visits before you become comfortable enough to engage in the fun.